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Mission: To facilitate the publishing process for new and first-time authors who have a story to tell.



Shades Creek Press is your classic “Mom & Pop” operation, …mostly Pop. Established in 2010 for the sole purpose of publishing the works of the owner, Shades Creek Press has expanded its client base over the past 12 years. The goal for this company is to deliver a published product for the DIY author. Shades Creek Press offers consultation and guidance about the publishing and marketing process. Each project is customized according to the goals and needs of the prospective client. Additional “ala cart” services, such as editing, formatting, cover art & design, ebook design, marketing strategies, etc., are available on an ala-cart cost basis, as determined in consultation with the client. Additional publishing services such as ISBN, copyright, registration with the Library of Congress, are also available. Note that an ISBN is a required component for publishing. Cost and royalty structure are negotiated and written into the contractual agreement prior to when publishing services begin.

Shades Creek Press, LLC is a sole proprietorship owned 100% by Jesse Randall Hale, who was born and raised in north-central Alabama and hails from a blue-collar family of steelworkers, miners, and concrete plant workers. After earning a doctorate at Vanderbilt University in 1998, Hale rekindled his desire to write a novel. In June 2010, after sketching out the first chapter in 1994 just prior to beginning his doctoral work, Hale completed his first novel while vacationing on the Niese River, near Cherry Hill, North Carolina. 


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