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Getting Published

with Shades Creek Press

Man with Book

Shades creek specializes in new, unpublished authors or others who have a document or manuscript to be published.


Shades Creek Press is a great option for family reunion books, family genealogy books, first-time unpublished authors, new authors with previously published books, and college & university professors who wish to publish books in support of their classes.

Why publish as a self-published author? 

Self-publishing any document or manuscript allows you, as the creator or author, to have complete control of the outcome of sales and distribution. You control the outcome. You also keep all profits from sales of your book.


What are some potential challenges?  

Some of the challenges might include editing your document and getting to a final publishable document. This is achieved by working with your rep at Shades Creek Press.


What to expect?  

Publishing is like wrestling an octopus in the rain. There are many moving parts. Self-publishing requires a give-&-take attitude. As a self-published author, you must have patience with the process. Ask questions when in doubt. Because you will be so close to the process, you will experience the frustration of the learning and awareness curve. Remember, your publisher has mastered this process; however, each project is unique and may present unexpected challenges.

What are expected timelines?  

Each project is different, so timelines will be discussed at the time of the contract agreement.

Download Shades Creek Press Pricing Guide

As an educator with the goal of being a published author, I have benefited from the support, guidance, and expertise provided by Dr. J. R. Hale. Dr. Hale helped me share my stories, my experiences, and my journey with an insight into how to present them to a larger audience without losing my voice or inhibiting my message.

Dr. J. R. Hale led me through the publishing process including layout, print style, and cover design. He has a complete understanding of this process and how to make each book unique, individual, and interesting. 

Throughout my 40-year career in education, my goal was to share my stories and call myself a published author. Dr. J. R. Hale made this possible and I am forever grateful for his expertise and support.
John K. King, Principal & Author
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